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Emergency Vehicle Flashlight

  • RRP: $39.99
  • $22.77
  • You save $17.22 (43%)!
  • SKU: 2A-VVX9-0N4E
  • Weight: 6.4 ounces
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Product description

LED Car Flashlight – Emergency Vehicle Light – SUMMER SALE 60% OFF – Brightest On Amazon! 100% Waterproof, Magnetized Sticks To Car! Fits In Glove Box, Stay Safe If You Break Down! Save Lives, Car/Boat, FULL Lifetime Guarantee! Xtreme Bright

Obnoxiously Bright, Keeps You & Your Loved Ones Safe
You already know how dangerous the side of the road is at night. Rather than risking it in the dark…take advantage of our super bright LED emergency flashlight that easily attachesmagnetically to the side of your car, giving you light where you need it, plus bright blinking red light for oncoming traffic to see you and slow down!

Here’s What A Few Of Our Raving Fans Are Saying
“VERY bright” “Excellent, versatile light” “Strong magnet!” “Easy to attach to car” “Not another little pocket flashlight!” “On my Xmas List for my 8 nieces” “Quality feel to it” “The perfect combination of spot and area light” “Exceeded my highest expectations!”

Premium Light & Peace Of Mind At A Price That Makes Sense
For less than the cost of a night out, you can give yourself the comfort and peace of mind of having a powerful, reliable, and safety-maximizing light right at your fingertips. Even if you (or the person you give it to) don’t ever use it, just having it the vehicle in case of emergency is an absolute must. Feel better, order a few today.

26 Super Bright LED Lights Make Sure Cars See You Even In Total Darkness
What happens if your car dies and the lights don’t work? Think a little dinky flashlight is enough to keep you safe? Rather than trusting your safety to a single light, you’re just minutes away from taking advantage of 26 extremely bright LEDs that’ll keep you safe and seen in an emergency.

How Much Are Your Family Member’s Lives Worth?
We’ve all heard about the unlucky people who get killed at night… Are you or your family members next? Equipping them with this simple, sensible, affordable solution could make all the difference. Don’t risk it, order now. You’ll feel a whole lot better.

Keeps Your Focus Area Bright & Lit While You Work
Whether you’ve broken down, have a flat tire, or simply just need a light to look at something… Our bright flashlight is the perfect solution. Attach the light (with its powerful built-in magnet) to the side of your car, set the red flashing lights on, and point the light toward your work area. You’ve got an all-in-one solution to keep you safe while lighting up your focus area to get you back on the road safely!

The Best Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee ($19.99 Value), Included For FREE!
Our 100% NO questions asked, NO hassle money back OR replacement guarantee is the best in the business. Please be careful, after browsing other emergency lights online, it’s apparent that other vendors are selling products that simply don’t have the same power and do not provide a lifetime guarantee. Don’t be fooled by imitators. This is the best of the best.

Every Car Needs One Of These! Don’t Wait For Something Tragic To Happen.
What good is your flashlight if it’s in your spouse’s vehicle? Do you want to be stuck wishing you didn’t forget your flashlight at home when you need to pull over at night? Do yourself a favor, equip EVERY vehicle you and your family members own with one of these. You’ll thank yourself later.


    Give your loved ones ultimate protection from potential danger with our super bright LED emergency flashlight!
    It’s not just for emergencies…You’re also getting a reliable LED flashlight (26 super bright LED’s)
    If your loved ones getting hurt or killed due to an accident is unacceptable to you…You need our emergency vehicle light.
    For less than $25, our super bright, waterproof LED flashlight keeps you safe and gives you the light you need!
    You’d have to buy 3 flashlights to match this! (Flashlight, Side Light, Flashing Red). You CAN’T beat this!

what our users say

About the size of a medium MagLite. Very bright...

About the size of a medium MagLite. Very bright. I did have a rubber sealant ring that had broke and Customer Service was prompt to address it.

By J. Foy "jfoy" on November, 16, 2014

Good Emergency Unit

This is a really compact unit. The LEDs are very bright and should be able to be seen from a very far distance. The light fits easily in my car's glove box.

By Arthur L Carroll on November, 12, 2014

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