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Escape Tool Flashlight

  • RRP: $22.77
  • $18.77
  • You save $4.00 (18%)!
  • SKU: 9N-994E-VD9S
  • Weight: 6.4 ounces
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Product description

Seatbelt Cutter – Emergency Escape Tool. #1 Tool To Keep Your Family Safe! 5-in-1 LED Flashlight, Window Breaker, Hammer, Saw, Knife, Emergency Tool – Vehicle Survival Kit! 100% LIFETIME GUARANTEE! Xtreme Bright

All The Tools You Need, Keeps You & Your Loved Ones Safe
You’ve heard those horror stories of people being trapped in their vehicle…Unless you’d like try your luck with other cheap escape tools or do nothing at all…Our safe, secure, reliable, easy to use, life-saving escape tool is your answer! Equipping yourself and your family with this tool could save their life.

Here’s What A Few Of Our Raving Fans Are Saying
“Awesome” “My fiancé feels safe and I do too!” “VERY bright” “Magnificent tool!” “I don’t feel unsafe anymore” “You never know when you’ll be in an emergency and need it” “Makes a great gift”“This tool should be in every car!”

A Must-Have Tool For Every Vehicle At A Price That Makes Sense
For less than the cost of a dinner, you can give yourself or loved one the comfort and peace of mind of having a life-saving tool right at your fingertips in case of an emergency. A must-have for all vehicles.Feel better, order a few today.

5 Tools In 1, Maximum Protection Right At Your Fingertips
You’re getting an ultra-bright LED light, recessed stainless steel seatbelt cutter,glass hammer, screwdriver, ice pick/saw/knife, and emergency flash beacon all in 1 compact tool! No need for a glove compartment full of tools, this single tool gives you ALL the protection you need in an emergency.

How Much Is Your Family Worth To You?
If you or your family members travel, then you NEED this in every vehicle you own. What’s going to happen in an emergency and you can’t get your window open or your seatbelt off? Don’t later regret not equipping your family member’s vehicles with this…pull the trigger now before its too late.

Super Compact, Light, Durable, Easy-to-Use
Our ultra-reliable emergency escape tool fits conveniently in your glove compartment or right next to you in your driver’s door and will go to work for you in just seconds! Whether you get hit by another driver, your vehicle slides off the road into a river, or you simply need a flashlight and you don’t have one…Our tool is your answer.

The Best Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee ($15.99 Value), Included For FREE!
Our 100% NO questions asked, NO hassle money back OR replacement guarantee is the best in the business. Like anything else, after browsing other escape tools online, it’s apparent that other vendors are selling cheap products and do not provide a lifetime guarantee. Don’t be fooled by imitators. This is the best of the best.

Every Vehicle Needs One! Don’t Wait For Something Tragic To Happen.
Makes a perfect gift! What good is your tool if you forgot it in your spouse’s car? Do yourself and your family a favor, equip EVERY vehicle with one of these. You’ll thank yourself later. Take advantage of this offer before the price goes up.


    Wouldn’t you feel safer, more secure, and have greater peace of mind if your family was protected?
    This isn’t a little cheap tool…it’s the real deal. Put it to the test, it won’t let you down.
    NEVER be in doubt…Don’t you want to be sure you’ll be able to escape an emergency with your life?
    LED light, stainless steel seatbelt cutter, glass hammer, screwdriver, knife, and emergency beacon!
    Flashlight + Escape tool + Swiss Army Knife…5 for the price of 1, guaranteed for life!

what our users say

It's a GREAT tool

I used this for a promotion for a client. It's a GREAT tool and made a great promotional item for their event. I purchased 10 and they were all excellent! The client was happy, I was happy and the promotion went off well!

By Tammy G. "Rosetta" on November, 16, 2014

Seems like a solid product

Seems like a solid product, like everyone else i dont really want a situation to happened where ill have to use this lol. However the flashlight is very bright, single button operation. So for those older/less technically inclined relatives. You can sleep well knowing they at the very least have a reliable flashlight on hand. The emergency hammer is spring loaded. I wish the mechanism was easier to operate, can be difficult to explain that you need to "slide the button down" to activate it, not push it in. And its got other swiss army knife like goodies on the end. Truth be told tho, these are a headache to digout...But they are there if ya need em.

All in all I say a very solid product. Tho when things come with a "100% lifetime guarantee". You know it must be good.

every car should have one. its a one time purchase of 18 bucks. why not?

By D. Logan on October, 26, 2014

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