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Premium LED Ultra Zoomable Bike Light (Comes in Slate Black & Silver)

  • RRP: $69.99
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  • Weight: 3.5 ounces
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Product description

#1 LED Bike Light on Amazon – FREE TAILLIGHT – No Tools Needed Attaches in Seconds – Great For Street – Mountain and Children’s Bicycles – LIFETIME WARRANTY

The Best & Brightest LED Bike Light!

If you or your loved ones ride after dark, don’t trust your stock reflectors or street lights to keep you safe. Is it worth the risk of getting hit at night over something so simple as not having a quality bike light? You’re looking at the best & brightest LED Bicycle Front Mount Headlight you can find anywhere online. You’ll have it mounted on any bicycle (street bike, mountain bike, children’s bike) in just seconds with no tools required. Combine our extremely bright LED lights with the durability and waterproof outer cover, and you’ve got literally the best in safety & reliability that a bike light can offer.

Here’s What A Few Of Our Raving Fans Are Saying
“So Bright!” Installation is VERY Easy!” “Beam is really powerful and can be zoomed in or out” “Very sturdy and durable” “Don’t trust my safety to a cheap light” “Best customer service on Amazon, Period” “Easy to remove so it won’t get stolen” “Beats any other product”

Premium Safety + Functionality & Style
Our premium quality LED light is waterproof and obnoxiously bright. With a range up to 500 feet, you’ll be safe and protected from vehicles both near and far. Looking for a gift for a loved one? This makes the PERFECT gift for your friends and family. You can equip literally any bike with this powerful, safety-maximizing light in just seconds! This will be the LAST bike light you ever buy…we guarantee it.

Superior Brightness With Built-In Anti-Theft Features
You can detach the light itself quickly and easily, making it virtually thief-proof. The light comes off and works just like a bright flashlight; perfect for getting your bike in and out of a dark storage shed, walking through a dimly lit alley or walkway, or just having the peace of mind in having a bright flashlight at the tip of your fingers!

FREE Tail Light! ($11.99 Value)
Get the complete safety package to be protected from and seen by vehicles approaching from the rear as well! This easy-to-install, super bright tail light won’t let you down. It’ll last over 50 hours on one single battery! We normally sell these for more than ten bucks, but it’s our gift to you if you order today. Be seen, be safe!

Installs In Seconds On ANY Bike, NO Tools Required
Don’t have a full set of tools? No problem! Instead of trying to install a complicated and expensive kit, our super bright LED bike light will attach or detach in literally just seconds WITHOUT the expense, risk, or hassle of kits! No tools or expertise required.

The Best Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee ($29.99 Value), Included For FREE!
Our 100% NO questions asked, NO hassle money back OR replacement guarantee is the best in the business. Be wary, after browsing other LED bike lights online, it’s apparent that other vendors are selling products that simply don’t have the same power and do not provide a lifetime guarantee. Don’t be fooled by imitators.

Keep You And Your Family Safe
You’ve heard of those horrible stories of people getting hit by cars at night… So unless you’d like to try your luck with the other cheap bike lights out there or do nothing…our safe, secure, waterproof, easy-to-use, ultra-bright LED light is your answer! Use the bright light to illuminate your path and the safety function to keep cars noticing you on the road. Even if you’ve tried other products but weren’t happy with the results, you NEED to give ours a try. Order now!


    Instantly improve your visibility & safety with our powerful LED bike light! FREE Lifetime Warranty ($29.99 Value)
    Ride with full power bright light, 50%, or flash mode. NEVER ride blind or without being seen again!
    Protect yourself from theft effortlessly with our quick-release technology. No tools, no headaches!
    Our ultra-bright, waterproof LED light shines up to 500 feet. Other bike lights don’t come close. Invest in safety.
    Made of the highest quality aluminum and components so you know it LASTS! Try it today risk free.

what our users say

Great little light. Love that it is removable!

Great light. Love that it is removable. Super bright, easy to install and strong!

By Spencer Rose "STARTright Spence" on November, 23, 2014

I've been bike commuting to and form work for thirty...

I've been bike commuting to and from work for thirty years and I finally get to see the potholes before I hit them as well as being seen by motorists.

By Amazon Customer on November, 19, 2014

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